Jerzy (Jorge) Zalszupin

Jerzy (Jorge) Zalszupin


Fascinated by Brazilian architecture, the polish born architect, Jorge Zalszupin decided to move to Rio de Janeiro in 1949. He firstly engaged work with the architect Luciano Korngold in São Paulo and after acquiring the Brazilian citizenship Zalszupin opened his own studio. He acquired a talent for furniture design through the frequent commissions for residential architectural projects, which included the design of furniture.

In 1959 he decided to specialize in furniture design. Zalszupin associated himself with a group of craftsmen and founded the studio L’Atelier. The idea of the studio was to implement a work collective. Starting with a small handcraft production, L’Atelier flourished throughout the years and became an industry that at its peak had around 300 workers. In the 1970’s, due to financial difficulties, L’Atelier was sold to a holding. Zalszupin was kept in the company as the art director. In this new phase, other designers were added to the team that allowed the implementation of a singular creative workshop in the company. In the 1980’s, due to an economic crisis in Brazil, L’Atelier interrupted its activities. Zalszupin then worked as an architect together with José Gugliota. In 1986 he left the partnership and continued to work as an architect and designer but less intensively. 

Due to the quality and historical significance of his furniture, some of his works have been successfully reissued in the market since 2005.

Designer exhibited in the Berlin [Stilwerk Mall], Lisbon [MUDE - Museum of Design & Fashion], Rio de Janeiro [Caixa Cultural], London [Embassy of Brazil], Brasilia [Caixa Cultural] and Salvador [Caixa Cultural] exhibitions